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As a part of our commitment to create awareness, develop leadership skills and create opportunities for community engagement, the She’Matters GIRLS, Inc organization welcomes volunteers in a variety of roles, including activities that directly support our programming, staff and other activities.

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Become a Volunteer

Thank you to all who have expressed interest and desire to work with She’Matters GIRLS, Inc. As a volunteer with our organization, you gain the experience and knowledge necessary to reach your educational/training goals. Our mission is to inspire, uplift and empower our girls. So we appreciate you and your willingness to help make a difference in the lives of our girls and young women.

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SWAG BAG Contributors

Posted: 2017-08-03

Be a SWAG Bag Contributor to partner with She'Matters GIRLS, Inc to include up to 100 items, your business name, and logo for a low cost of $35.00. Click the link and SUBMIT!


We're Looking for "5"!

Posted: 2017-07-18

The ImPOWERful Girls Conference Promotion partnered with Star Bennett to promote her "Silly of Me" CD. Purchase a conference ticket and win your autograph copy of Star's new CD! Don't miss her, she's coming to Va. Beach on Saturday, September 30th.


Have you forgotten?

Posted: 2017-07-04

Have you forgotten to purchase your nImPOWERful Girls Conference ticket for you, the parent or adult advisor, your daughter, niece, and your goddaughter? Don't hesitate, it's July and tickets are selling quickly! Get yours today!