A Daddy Daughter Dance & Dinner

How do you plan to spend the Sunday after your special day? How about answering with ‘your daughters’.

MY JOY PRODUCTIONS & She’Matters GIRLS, Inc along with THL presents the 2nd Annual Daddy Daughter Dinner & Dance on June 22 from 4-8 PM.

Dads give your daughters the opportunity to ‘date’ their first loves, YOU! This is your time to let your daughters shine with you on her arm!! A daughter naturally views her Dad as a leader! Her leader! She looks to him as her protector, her provider and truly looks up to him. Fathers have a great impact on their daughters. Sometimes, they tend to underestimate the importance and influence of themselves in their daughters’ lives.

Come enjoy a special evening full of fun, laughter, dancing, entertainment and great treats and incentives for your daughters!

To purchase your tickets – ORDER HERE:

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