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I’mPOWERful Girls Conference

Join us on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 9 – 1:30 PM at the Boys & Girls Club in Virginia Beach, VA for a day of fun, entertainment, food, information and give a ways to help prepare “our daughters” for returning to school inspired, encouraged and empowered!

I’mPOWERful Girls Conference:
Register early TODAY at! Don’t allow your daughters, niece, god daughter or neighbor’s best friend, miss out on this awesome experience!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  •  What type of organization is She’Matters GIRLS?

 She’Matters GIRLS is a limited liability non-profit youth leadership organization for young girls between the ages of 10 – 19 years old. Our focus is on increasing social poise and etiquette through education, self-awareness and civic engagement.

  •  If I come to your workshops or trainings, what will I receive?

 A wealth of information! Our programs are designed with the interest and input of our tween and teenage girls and focus on issues relevant to them and their age-appropriate peers. In the past, we’ve facilitated workshops with a focus on teen relationships, self-image, bullying/ cyberbulling and peer pressure, offered hair, fashion and beauty tips from professionals in the field and so much more.

  •  How often are your events?

 Our trainings and workshops are scheduled quarterly. We participate in community events and programs at various times throughout the year.

  •  Are you doing or participating in any special projects?

Our literary publication, BeOnique Magazine is our special project. Since our one year anniversary, BeOnique has been a part of She’Matters GIRLS.

  •  What does BeOnique mean?

 BeOnique means to be your own unique! It’s a phrase

  • Once I submit my registration application, how am I contacted?

 Once your registration is complete, we will contact you by telephone or email to inform you of our next event.

  •  Does my personal information leave your organization?

 Rest assured, your personal information remains confidential. She’Matters GIRLS, LLC does not share any information with other organizations of any kind. The information you include on your applications become a part of our records. They are kept with our Executive Director and the Executive Advisory Board and is utilized for our administrative purposes only.

  •  Once a member, am I required to participate in a certain amount of events or activities?

Your participation in all of our events and activities are important to us. Our workshops/ trainings, conferences and community events are positive and impactful. In order to receive the fullness of what our program offers, the opportunity to be inspired and empowered to make a difference, your attendance is essential. However, we do understand there are times you are not able to participate, but there’s not a set amount of activities you must participate in once a member. However, we’d love to have you at them all.

  •  Do I have a voice in this organization?

 Definitely! She’Matters GIRLS, LLC was created by Mothers who care about the growth and development of their children, especially their daughters. This organization is a platform for tween and teen girls who desire to make a positive impact in their lives, families, homes, schools and communities. Their voices are heard in all the organization does and their influences are impressionable as our Junior Advisory Board.

  •  What is a Junior Advisory Board?

 All we do, we do for our girls, our daughters, our youth! Because this organization was created for them, the Executive Advisory Board (EAB) or the administrative team of She’Matters GIRLS, LLC believed it beneficial to have the input of the older teens within the organization. Thus we created two essential positions our Teen Advisors and Teen Leaders.  Selected individuals from these groups make up our Junior Advisory Board (JAB). Our JAB members participate in our Board meetings and meet regularly with members of our EAB Team to define programming and more for the organization and themselves.

  •  Who are Teen Advisors?

 Teen Advisors are members of the organization between the ages 14 – 17 years old. They demonstrate leadership qualities and patience, have excellent oral and written communication skills, enjoy working with younger children, demonstrate skills of organization, are courteous, friendly and mannerable and are community oriented young ladies who enjoy giving of self and of time to help others. Teen Advisors have to apply for this special position and are role models and Big Sisters to the younger (9-13 year old) She’Matters GIRLS (SMGiRLS). Our Teen Advisors work closely with our Youth & Teen Coordinator with assistance from the Youth Enrichment Developer and the Community Education Coordinator to help ensure safe, creative, engaging and interactive activities for the organization and themselves. Teen Leaders serve as their mentors and Big Sisters.

  •  Who are Teen Leaders?

 Teen Leaders are young ladies nearing their senior year in high school or are college students between the ages of 18 – 21 years old. They have and or are in the process of receiving their driver’s license. They demonstrate effective organizational and communication skills, have a passion for working with youth, in particular young girls between the ages of 9-17 years old.

They are able to multitask and team build, develop, plan and implement training, programming and leadership opportunities for the Teen Advisors and younger SMGiRLS with the assistance and support of the Executive Advisory Board. Our Teen Leaders are dedicated; creative; loyal; trustworthy; self-advocates who are committed to making a difference in the lives of our youth. All Teen Leaders work very closely with the members of our Executive Advisory Board.

  •  Do you have interns?

 Most definitely! We have been fortunate to have interns work closely with our organization. Our interns range in age, but have been as young as 19 years old. They work in several capacities to assist in the effective flow of She’Matters GIRLS programming and at times, administrative duties. This individual is an integral part of our organization. They’re input is valuable and welcome.

 ^ We are always looking for interns. If you or someone you know has a passion for doing what we do, have them submit a resume and three references to

  • Are you on any social media sites?

 Yes we are connected to the following social media sites. Like us on Facebook at . Follow us on Twitter at @SheMattersGIRLS and our literary magazine, BeOnique Magazine on Twitter at @SMG_BeOniqueMag. Instagram at smgis4me. Visit our website at .

  •  How can my friends get involved with this organization?

You may contact the organization of She’Matters GIRLS, LLC by email at; by submitting a comment on our website at or by contacting our main number at 757-214-1570.






Upcoming Features

BeOnique Magazine! will feature Miss Kaleela Thompson, a young and talented author.  Read of how this 13 year old 8th grader has fallen in love with her greatest hobby.  Understand how her hobby has created an amazing way of life for her and her family!

Kaleela Thompson Feature

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BeOnique Magazine!

BeOnique Magazine! is a literary publication that celebrates our girls uniqueness! This is first She’Matters GIRLS  publication featuring articles, fashion updates, history moments and so much more written by and for girls 10 – 19 years old.

For your copy or to inquire about becoming a contributing teen writer, contact us today at

To view online, visit –


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