The AYLAcademy, Social & Personal Etiquette, S3

Why is it essential to teach etiquette? What makes the difference if a girl exhibits etiquette accurately? In society today, some of our youth lack the ability to simply say, “thank you,” or “excuse me,” or something as simple as saying “please.” It is our responsibility as parents and caretakers to ensure they learn and understand when to use these phrases daily. In every aspect of life our girls must know how to conduct themselves appropriately. The AYLAcademy has taken that charge to teach the Young Leaders of the Aspiring Young Leaders Academy just what to do when because  teaching etiquette helps our daughters learn the difference between right and wrong, helps them to focus on their actions and teaches them how to appropriately interact with others.

Check out our video on Etiquette with the AYLA Girls at Ingleside Elementary
Session Title: Social & Personal Etiquette
Facilitator: Dre’ Sewells
AYLA Girls: 1st-5trh grade




The AYLAcademy

The Executive Team of She’Matters GIRLS, Inc is excited to begin tomorrow, the first day of year two of The AYLAcademy (The Aspiring Young Leaders Academy) at Ingleside Elementary.  #Ahaalaa #Whoop_Whoop

The AYLAcademy
is a youth Academy for girls in primary grades 1st – 5th that focus on encouraging measureable increases in social and personal gains to ensure reasonable growth in academic achievement.

Our Young Leaders are anxious and ready to begin a new year of growth and empowerment. Doing what we love to do most, give back!

 Committed to grooming Natural Leaders!
Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our daughters!

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