Congratulations Young Leaders

Congratulations to our “31” Young Leaders! These AYLA Girls will begin The AYLAcademy today, Monday, November 14th at Ingleside Elementary School.

  1. B. Powell
  2. C. Dunlap
  3. C. Wade
  4. D. Sampson
  5. I. Curtis
  6. I. Simpson
  7. I. Stewart
  8. J. Allen
  9. J. Kelly
  10. K. Reyes
  11. K. Russell
  12. K. Whitaker
  13. L. Rome
  14. M. Aby Faye
  15. S. Neal
  16. S. Owens
  17. T. Askew
  18. T. Barnes
  19. T. Johnson
  20. Y. Tolbert
  21. Y. Valencia
  22. Z. Wilson
  23. Z. Settles
  24. A. Bailey
  25. A. Basnight
  26. A. Shell
  27. A. Tolbert
  28. B. Barnes
  29. J. Cephas
  30. R. Lopez
  31. T. Campbell

BeOnique Magazine: Special Edition

SMG, Inc is bringing back a special edition of our BeOnique Magazine for a summer edition. We’re excited to share with you the accomplishments of our young ladies this year. Oh, and a few adage pieces will also be included. Stay tune here for details of release dates and where you may purchase your copy.

The BeOnique Magazine is She’Matters GIRLS, Inc literary publication that celebrates our daughters and all of their uniqueness! Publications feature articles, healthy living updates, hair and fashion commentaries, artist highlights and history moments and so much more written by and for girls and young women.

Stay tune to our website for more details about our special June issue.

Mother-Daughter Tea

Mother-Daughter Tea
marks the final gathering of She’Matters GIRLS, Inc Mother-Daughter Chat:Raising a Powerful Girl Series

Our Chat was a five-part series designed to promote strategies to help build stronger  communication strategies between the Mother and daughter dyad. These dynamic sessions occurred on Saturdays from March 21, 2015 to May 16, 2015.  Both Mothers and daughters had the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about their fears and concerns which openly provided further discussion centered on topics of authentic parenting, accountability, social media presence, what your fashion says about you, transparency, money management and so much more.

The Tea will include the participants of the Chat on May 16, 2015 from 10 am – 2 pm

This Chat Series is presented by She’Matters GIRLS (SMG), Inc. and the collaborative efforts of community partners, youth advocates and youth organizations. Thank you to our sponsors: Farm Fresh Supermarket, Capital Group, James Church, President of Freedom Ford Norfolk and Future Changes, LLC, Wilbert, “Will James Jr”, President, Toyota Manufacturing, Georgetown, Kentucky and My Joy Productions. 

Mother-Daughter Chat: Raising a Powerful Girl Series

Mother-Daughter Chat Series: Raising a Powerful Girl
This is a five-part series designed to promote strategies to help build stronger the communication dyad between Mothers and Daughters. These dynamic sessions are on Saturdays from March 21, 2015 to May 16, 2015.  Both Mothers and daughters will have an opportunity to speak openly and honestly among their peers about the things that concern and irate them about the other. And then …. all will return for an engaging and strategic pow-wow discussion.

PURPOSE: To address the communication break-downs between Mother and Daughter. The lack of communication or the inability to communicate well has negatively impacted the relationship of this dyad.

WHEN: Series dates are – 3/21, 4/4, 4/18, 5/2& 5/16 Series Times- 10 am – 1 pm

This Chat Series is presented by She’Matters GIRLS (SMG), Inc. and the collaborative efforts of community partners, youth advocates and youth organizations.  Thank you to our sponsors: Farm Fresh Supermarket, Capital Group, Freedom Ford Norfolk and Future Changes, LLC.

The AYLAcademy

Promoting a Change Aspiring Young Leaders Academy (The AYLAcademy) is an afterschool academy designed for young leaders in grades 1 – 5 to help promote a positive change and encourage greater achievement academically, personally and socially. CRITERIA: Aspiring Young Leaders Academy (AYLA) will work with young leaders in grades 1 – 5 who –

  • Demonstrate signs of low self-esteem and or image.
  • Lack academic motivation yet demonstrate potential to be successful.
  • Appears unsure of herself and her abilities but is observed to be a good listener and communicator.
  • Demonstrate signs of moderate to high degrees of leadership abilities
  • Does not have more than four (4) behavior infractions during last school year.


    • All young leaders will recognize their true potential by dispelling limitations, identifying their dreams and taking active steps to pursue their goals.
    • All young leaders will recognize their self-worth and demonstrate leadership abilities among their peers and when progressing towards academic, social and personal gains.
    • All young leaders will demonstrate mature decision making skills and strategies.
    • All young leaders will demonstrate qualities (attitude, support provided, and initiative) in their roles as a potential leader.
  • All young leaders will understand the importance of serving in the community and becoming responsible citizens through public service involvement.

Measureable increase in social and personal goals will ensure reasonable increase in academic achievement for those who participate consistently in the program. The AYLAcademy 2014 LOCATION: She’Matters GIRLS, Inc (SMG, Inc) has been adopted by Ingleside Elementary to host their first year academy. 36 young ladies were nominated to for the academy. 25 Young Leaders were selected to participate in this pilot academy. SMG Sign Veteran Salute Post

Interested in hosting the Aspiring Young Leaders Academy at your school next year. Contact SMG, Inc. at  Proposals are currently being accepted for the 2015-16 school year.

ImPOWERful Girls Conference * 2014

She’Matters G.I.R.L.S., Inc. Sponsors 2nd ImPOWERful Girls Conference

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – September 27, 2014 – The She’Matters G.I.R.L.S., Inc. Youth Leadership Organization is a 501 (c)(3) organization announcing its second girl’s empowerment conference on Saturday, September 27, 2014 at the Rosemont Unit, Boys and Girls Club, Virginia Beach, VA from 9 AM – 3 PM.

The conference, targets girls ages 6 – 19 years of age and their parents. It will consist of leadership workshops, hands on interaction activities, photo sessions, hair care and treatment, forensic exploration and vendor opportunities. A special workshop focusing on identifying appropriate friend invites through social media communication and child preventive crimes will be offered to all girls and their parents. This diverse topic will afford the opportunity for open communication in a comfortable environment.

The Harness Your Power (HYPe) Inspiration Award will be presented to four young ladies who demonstrate ongoing community service, exemplary leadership abilities and improved self-assurance in accomplishing a new endeavor.

For more information on vendor or sponsorship opportunities, contact us by mail at . Find us on Facebook, or Twitter @SheMattersGIRLS and IG at smgis4me.

                         PURCHASE your online Tickets for this year’s conference here