Destiny Anderson

When I think about Miss Destiny Anderson and her growth from a girl transitioning into the beautiful young lady you see today, I think of the documentary, “A Whisper to a Roar.”  This film tells the heroic story of courageous activists, many who were students, who used their voices & experiences of struggle, past & present to bring freedom to their people. Miss Destiny has grown to do the same.

Upon meeting Destiny, I do not believe she knew her voice. Working with her SMGIRL Sisters in various programs through the She’Matters G.I.R.L.S, Inc organization and serving as the Lead Volunteer for The Aspiring Young Leaders (AYLAcademy), helping to facilitate an after-school program with 19 first through fifth graders, she not only found her voice but recognized her level of self-esteem & now understands her worth.

Since Miss Destiny has discovered her new self, she has so much to offer. I see a different level of ambition and determination that’s evident in great leaders. I, we, her She’Matters G.I.R.L.S, Inc family is looking forward to seeing all that the newness that Destiny has to offer.

She definitely exemplifies our description of what we an SMG M.A.D. Girl should be! She’s a young lady who knows enough of who she is to make a change in herself. That change ultimately Makes A Difference in her family, her school life and her community. Miss Destiny Anderson,  #WErPROUDofU!

3rd Annual ImPOWERful Girls Conference – REGISTRATION

It’s that time again! Time to register for the She’Matters GIRLS, Inc ImPOWERful Girls Conference. Don’t delay, register today!

This year’s theme is “Empowering a Generation of Leaders.” The conference targets girls ages 6 – 22 and their parents. It will consist of leadership workshops, hands on interactive activities, self-awareness and leadership development sessions, forensic exploration, recognizing signs of depression, anxiety and suicide workshops, money management and entrepreneurial development and so much more. A special workshop focusing on identifying appropriate friend invites through social media communication, child preventive crimes and strategies for effective communication will be offered to all girls and their parents. These diverse topics will afford the opportunity for open communication in a comfortable environment.

As we move into our fourth year of operation, we look to recognize the leadership agility and initiative of our girls and young women through our HYPE Inspiration Award (ages 6-9) and the launch of our always Making a Difference (M.A.D.) Award (ages 10-19). Consider nominating girls from your circle who fit the criteria.

Attendees, Volunteers, Vendors & Sponsors may
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