She’Matters GIRLS, Inc -Greater24 People’s List, Inspiration Award

THANK YOU to Greater 24 People’s List for awarding She’Matters GIRLS (SMG), Inc for their 2016 Inspiration Award.

Greater24 People’s List represents the individuals, organizations and special groups recognized for their positive actions that impact our society. The award was presented to SMG, Inc from the Greater24 Positive World Network.  This is the first positive communications network that fuses media, social engagement campaigns and project development together to impact a global community.

Congratulations again She’Matters GIRLS, Inc for receiving this auspicious award! Continue to make a difference.

Dedicated to grooming Natural Leaders!
Committed to making a difference in the lives of our daughters!


She’Matters GIRLS, Inc: Communication Beyond Words

SMG, Inc is passionate about grooming a generation of natural leaders. Because we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our daughters, this AYLA Session of the Aspiring Young Leaders work to perfect their public presentation and overall communication skills. They’ve learned that practice always makes better! Take a listen for yourself, let us know what you think. This is their second trail video of public speaking, how did they do?

Let us know what you think of their progress!