Seeking Sponsorship: ImPOWERful Girls Conference, 2017

ImPOWERful Girls Conference Sponsorship Letter.April 2017

In an effort to serve over one hundred attendees, we are seeking the assistance of sponsors and soliciting donations and incentives from community organizations and businesses to support us in this endeavor. The donations can be tangible and intangible items, financial donations, gift cards or promotional giveaways. The Sponsorship levels are included in the link above.

This event will be an exciting opportunity for our organization to promote your business as our community business partners focused on making a positive impact in the lives of girls and young women residing in the Hampton Roads area and surrounding communities. Help us to continue to M.A.D. (make a difference) in the lives of our daughters! 

SMG, Inc Sponsorship & Vendor Opportunities

Sponsorship and Vendor opportunities are available with She’Matters GIRLS, Inc 4th Annual ImPOWERful Girls Conference. Partner with us today to inspire, uplift and empower our daughters!

Sponsorship Letter attached:
ImPOWERful Girls Conference Sponsorship letter.5.20161a

For more information contact us at
She’Matters GIRLS, Inc Email