The AYLAcademy Public Speaking: Phase II

Growing up, standing in front of our peers for many of us made us a ball of nervous energy. Today, some of our youth look at “public speaking” as an intimidating task. What we’ve done first is to make it fun, easy and simple. Starting with these easy questions for each of our AYLA Girls. We asked each Young Leader to state the following –
1. Share your name,
2. What’s your grade and age,
3. Share 1 fun fact about themselves and
4. Tell us what they’ve learned/remembered most from the Academy.

Allowing the Young Leaders to practice speaking among their AYLA Sisters in this manner takes away the pressure. Practicing often and in this manner, helps them build confidence about their skill which ultimately promotes greater presenters and speakers.

Take a glimpse at The AYLAcademy Young Leaders Public Speaking Phase II video
AYLA Public Speaking Phase II

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