The AYLAcademy

Aspiring Young Leaders Academy (AYLA) is an afterschool program designed for young leaders in grades 1st – 5th to help promote a positive change and encourage greater achievement academically, personally and socially. CRITERIA: Aspiring Young Leaders Academy (AYLA) will work with young female leaders ages 6-10 who –

  • Demonstrate signs of low self-esteem and or image.
  • Lack academic motivation yet demonstrates potential to be successful.
  • Appears unsure of herself and her abilities but is observed to be a good listener and communicator.
  • Demonstrate signs of moderate to high degrees of leadership abilities
  • Does not have more than four (4) behavior infractions during last school year.


    • All young leaders will recognize their true potential by dispelling limitations, identifying their dreams and taking active steps to pursue their goals.
    • All young leaders will recognize their self-worth and demonstrate leadership abilities among their peers and when progressing towards academic, social and personal gains.
    • All young leaders will demonstrate mature decision-making skills and strategies.
    • All young leaders will demonstrate qualities (attitude, the support provided, and initiative) in their roles as a potential leader.
  • All young leaders will understand the importance of serving the community and become responsible citizens through public service involvement.

The measurable increase in social and personal goals will ensure a reasonable increase in academic achievement for those who participate consistently in the program. The AYLAcademy 2014 LOCATION: She’Matters GIRLS, Inc has been adopted by Ingleside Elementary to conduct their first-year academy. This is their pilot school. 36 young ladies applied. 25 Young Leaders were selected to participate.    SMG Sign Veteran Salute Post

Year 1 – 38 Young Leaders Nominated | 25 Accepted | 17 Graduated (June 2015)
Year 2 – 36 Young Leaders Nominated | 22 Accepted | 19 Graduated (Mar 18, 2016)
* More details about the results of The AYLAcademy may be received via inquiry by 

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